“What if an inmate tries to hurt you while you’re in there?” sheepish men have vocally feared when faced with the news or opportunity of Jail Ministry. “But what if they don’t?” replies the experienced one - “what if they don’t…”

You see, instead of scheming his next move against you, what if an inmate is actually listening to the oracles of God? What if an inmate is for the first time in a long time sober, and for the first time in a long time hearing the name of Jesus not in vain. What if an inmate fears the bars of Satan more than the bars of steel? What if an inmate is actually innocent?

The truth is - there is nothing to be afraid of when ministering to the incarcerated - one high pitched girly scream from this 220 lb man will have numerous guards forcefully extracting me from the ugliest of offenders. Yet, from our experience, the ugliest of offenders is the most likely to give you a hug moments after you assist them from the horse trough water of baptism.

The church at Leipers Fork is proud to minister to the incarcerated souls from Williamson County. Our goal is to free these souls from the bars of Satan. We have had much success over the years from this ministry, but our proudest success lies within the inmates who obey the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, become ordinary citizens of our community, and serve in a local congregation of the Lord’s church, like Leiper’s Fork.