There are many elderly souls residing in assisted livings and nursing homes within our communities.  For the last 7 years, the church here at Leipers Fork has been worshiping in various assisted living facilities to provide the aged children of God an opportunity to worship. Currently, we are partnering with Morningside Assisted Living, off Mallory Station Road in Franklin, Tennessee, to serve the Christians whose simple desire is to worship the Lord.

As you can imagine, our worship services are unique; often congregants are needing assistance sitting down into their chairs, walking from their living quarters to the worship hall, or even remembering that it is time for worship. But when worship begins, these Christians do not need a hymnal to remember lyrics - the words are seared into their hearts from years of adoration to the Lord Jesus Christ. Though their hands are cold, their love for the one true God of heaven and earth warms the heart and invigorates the soul. Regardless of the physical or mental condition of these mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers - we know they are all God’s children - and it is our good pleasure to assist them in every way possible because the Lord loves them, and so does the church at Leipers Fork.