2019 Calendar of Events

Weenie Roast


October TBD | Time TBD
Definition of a Weenie Roast: A cookout where roasted frankfurters are the main course.
RSVP appreciated, but not required.

For Questions or RSVP:
Trail White | 615-557-2285 | trailwhite@gmail.com
Tracy White | 615-799-8417 | trace32@bellsouth.net

Fire + Hot Dogs + Good People = Great Fun


halloween candy.jpg

October 31 | 6:00pm
Spiders spin webs. Devils spin lies.
Take candy from a baby - you’ll horror their cries!

No matter how you spin it - kids love candy!

Spin on over to Leipers Fork church of Christ Halloween night and visit our Trunk-or-Treat!!

Songs of Thanksgiving

thanksgiving pic.png

November 27 | 7:00pm
Our most special night of the year. Family by Family, One by One, each person is given the opportunity to state all the things for which they are thankful. Once each willing person in the family has voiced their abundant joy and thanks, the family unit will request a song and the congregation joins together in singing this Song of Thanksgiving.

For Questions:
Trail White | 615-557-2285 | trailwhite@gmail.com
Tracy White | 615-799-8417 | trace32@bellsouth.net

Open your heart to Lord in Thanksgiving with the church at Leiper’s Fork.

Leiper’s Fork Christmas Parade


December TBD | Time TBD
Final Plans for the church’s involvement will be decided after the town of Leiper’s Fork releases details and dates about the 2019 Christmas parade.

Watch the Leiper’s Fork Christmas Parade with us!

2020 Calendar of Events


Date TBD | 7:00pm

Refreshments will be served around 9:00pm.

Come sing with us!

LF Logo Blue.png

VBS: Night at the Bible Museum

June 28 - July 1 | 7:00pm

More details to come!